CSSPR Hosts a Conversation with Amb. Munir Akram on Kashmir


On October 26, Director, Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research(CSSPR), University of Lahore, Dr. Rabia Akhtar, hosted Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Amb. Munir Akram, in a special session of the CSSPR Conversation Series, to mark the Kashmir Black Day(October 27). The conversation focused on assessing the current state of affairs in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir(IIOJK), Pakistan’s diplomatic offensive, the increasing role of public diplomacy, and India’s relentless disinformation campaign against Pakistan and atrocities against the Kashmiris. Amb. Akram argued that Pakistan has reinvigorated its diplomatic response since 2019, and successfully re-internationalized the Kashmir issue. He mapped the structural challenges that Pakistan has to navigate in order to keep the Kashmir issue alive on many an international forum. While arguing that the Kashmiris will not hunker down as a result of India’s mounting pressure and illegal actions, Amb. Akram stressed the need to directly engage publics around the world on Kashmir¬† through strategic communications and public diplomacy.¬† Watch the conversation here:

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