CSSPR Nuclear Scholars Initiative

CSSPR Nuclear Scholars Fellowship 2.0 Begins on August 28


Hosted by the  Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research(CSSPR), the CSSPR Nuclear Scholars Fellowship 2.0 commences on Saturday, August 28. The theme of the two-week-long Fellowship is “National Security& Foreign Policy”, and it will see 40 fellows  join the Fellowship. Following the motto of ‘Reflect, Discuss, and Write’, the Fellowship will focus on five broad strands that are critical to understanding  the fields of foreign policy and national security, and the linkages that make their comprehensive understanding important:

  • National Security & Foreign Policy: Scoping the Field
  • Gender and National Security/ Feminist Foreign Policy Perspectives
  • Pakistan’s National Security and Foreign Policy Outlook 2030
  • Regional Politics and Foreign Policy Dynamics
  • Nuclear Weapons and National Security

During the course of the Fellowship, speakers from the academic and policy communities will shed light on these and related areas. The Fellowship will end on September 11.

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