CSSPR and BASIC-ICCS Join Hands on the Programme on the Nuclear Responsibilities


On August 26, 2022, the Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research(CSSPR) entered into a collaborative agreement with BASIC and the  Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security(ICCS), University of Birmingham, to work on the Programme on the Nuclear Responsibilities. As Pakistan’s representative in the Programme,  CSSPR will introduce and promote the Nuclear Responsibilities Approach amongst multiple audiences in Pakistan,  with a view to starting a nuanced debate on it. CSSPR and BASIC-ICCS will conduct a series of activities with multiple stakeholders in Pakistan, ranging from those in the academia to those in the media, before making them debate their findings, opinions, and impressions with stakeholders selected through similar engagements in other countries in the region and beyond. The ultimate aim of the Programme is to  recalibrate the way we write about, discuss, and view nuclear weapons, so that a new, alternative vocabulary supplants old clichés, and, in the process, contributes towards attenuating nuclear risks.

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