Dr. Akhtar Speaks on Pakistan’s Foreign Policy at International Aydin University


On November 29, 2021, Director, Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research (CSSPR), Dr. Rabia Akhtar, was hosted for a talk by the Institute of Graduate Studies, International Aydin University. In her talk  entitled ‘The Impact of U.S. Foreign Policy on Pakistan’ Dr. Akhtar looked at the implications of Washington limiting its engagements with Pakistan and the region after its  withdrawal  from Afghanistan. Arguing that this pull back should be seen as an opportunity for  Pakistan and other actors, Dr. Akhtar shed light on how Islamabad and Ankara can reorient and recalibrate their relations, with a view to leading the broader region towards strategic connectivity both economic and political. Surveying the current state of their  relations, she stressed the need for both countries to center their ties on economics and trade given that both provide each other with vistas of strategic pathways to strengthen ties in the said realms. Further, Dr. Akhtar explained Pakistan’s foreign policy outlook and challenges, arguing that the simmering situation in Afghanistan and a plethora of threats emanating from a very aggressive,  revanchist India pose formidable threats to that country. These multifarious troubles, she argued, can be addressed only if Pakistan continues  taking steps towards making its policy framework more robust, dynamic, and forward-looking. She emphasized that, Pakistan’s new foreign policy vision dovetails fittingly with that of Turkey, something that makes it ever so propitious to take Ankara- Islamabad to the next level. She said it is high time to convert strong affinities between the two peoples into a strategic, all-embracing, and broad-based partnership.

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