Certificate Course on “Digital Media Literacy in South Asia: Combating Disinformation in The Age of AI”


From August 28 until September 1, 2023, the Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research (CSSPR) and the Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) will offer a five-day, free online Certificate Course on “Digital Media Literacy in South Asia: Combating Disinformation in The Age of AI.” Divided into eight modules, the Course aims to equip its participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate and combat disinformation in an era marked by the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Doing so is necessary due to a number of reasons, chief among those being the ability of digital media platforms to make truth hazier and propaganda and disinformation more appealing. The Course is designed in a manner which allows for participants to learn sequentially about some of the intricacies and nuances of digital media in the context of South Asia. Participants will be introduced to some of the fundamental concepts that govern digital media. By apprising them of the methods employed to spread misinformation, fake news, and propaganda, the Course aims to enable participants to detect and counter these phenomena. Special emphasis will be laid on discussing the ramifications of AI’s generative capacity with regard to fake news. Further, the realm of social media will be discussed in detail, with a view to understanding its role in spreading fake news and propaganda. Disquisitions on these sets of issues will be complemented by threadbare analyses on the overarching concepts of fake news and propaganda. Moreover, a module is dedicated to discussing South Asia-specific challenges in countering mendacious propaganda. The Course will also shed light on ethical considerations apropos of the evolving digital media landscape. Last but not least, participants will be encouraged to come up with sets of recommendations to deal with myriad concerns that digital media has brought to the fore.

Find further details about the Course and its modules here.

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