CSSPR Webinar: Kashmir in the Age of Detention: What Changes for the Kashmiris Pre and Post-Pandemic?

The Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research (CSSPR), University of Lahore has started a webinar series to discuss and generate discourses on the issues that Pakistan, the region, and the world confront today.The webinar series will focus on the effects of COVID-19 on regional and global security, power transformations, and the ever increasing complex dynamics of conflicts and cooperation.
In the first webinar of the series, CSSPR invites you to attend a scholarly discussion on “Kashmir in the Age of Detention: What Changes for the Kashmiris Pre and Post Pandemic?” The speakers, having dealt with the Kashmir conflagration as scholars and diplomats, will delve on where the Kashmiris and Kashmir stand today.Has the pandemic changed anything for the Kashmiris or not? Will the conflict simmer or will the needful unity that is required to tackle COVID-19 give space to cooperation and dissipate the clouds of acrimony over Kashmir? This and other important aspects of the Kashmir conflict will be discussed in the webinar.
Sardar Masood Khan (President, Azad Jammu and Kashmir)
Dr. Maleeha Lodhi (Former Ambassador to the US, UK, and UN)
Victoria Schofield ( Historian, Author of “Kashmir in Conflict”)
Awais Raoof (Chairman BoG, University of Lahore)
Dr. Rabia Akhtar (Director, Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research)
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The Zoom link of the webinar will be shared with the confirmed participants one day before the event.
The webinar will be streamed live on Youtube.
Looking forward to your participation.

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