CSSPR Signs MoU With Climate Finance Pakistan


On May 1, 2024,  the Center for Security,  Strategy and Policy Research (CSSPR)  and Climate Finance Pakistan (CFP) (Pvt.) Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This signing will be instrumental in building a robust partnership aimed tackling and  mitigating climate change-related challenges while fostering sustainable practices across Pakistan. The MoU will facilitate  joint research and development, enhancing  research capabilities to better understand and deal with  the impacts of climate change. It will also pave the way for more public-private partnerships, mobilizing entrepreneurs and drafting policies to foster a climate-resilient ecosystem. Further, new educational initiatives will be launched to introduce climate change topics into academic curricula. Both organizations  committed to enhancing their partnership as a strategic move towards achieving the ambitious , wide-ranging goals set by global climate preservation programs. The MoU was signed by Director, CSSPR, Prof.Dr. Rabia Akhtar, and Founder, CFP, Mekaeel Malik. Speaking on the occasion, both Dr.Akhtar and Mr. Malik highlighted the urgency of combatting climate change, arguing that it is one of the biggest global security threats. They added that, because Pakistan is vulnerable to the said phenomenon, it cannot remain behind the eight ball.

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