Crisis Communications: Indian and Pakistani Perspectives on Responsible Practices

Source: The Economic Times

The Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research(CSSPR) partnered with the British American Security Information Council(BASIC) and the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security(ICCS), to publish this compendium entitled ‘Crisis Communications: Indian and Pakistani Perspectives on Responsible Practices’ has  been co-edited by Director, CSSPR, Dr. Rabia Akhtar, Policy Fellow, BASIC, Dr. Chiara Cervasio, Director, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS), Ruhee Neog, Policy Fellow, BASIC, Alice Spilman, and Professor of International Relations, University of Birmingham, Nicholas J. Wheeler. The said compendium brings together experts from both India and Pakistan, to deliberate on how communications during peacetimes and crises can be improved to reduce nuclear risks and crisis escalation between the two countries. Read it here.

The compendium was originally published on BASIC’s website.

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