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From Kartarpur to Kabul: Pakistan Navigating Challenges for Regional Peace

Haris Walid Yousafzai  Kartarpur corridor was a great success – a win-win for Pakistan and the entire Sikh community within and around the world. By opening Kartarpur, Pakistan gained the trust of Sikhs from all over the world, but especially that of the Indian Sikh community. Prominent representatives of Sikhs in India, Navjut Singh Sidhu praised Pakistan during his speech…

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The Role of Parliaments in Cementing Regional Integration

Dr. Rabia Akhtar, Director CSSPR authored a study on Building Regional Connectivity for Pakistan, sponsored by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Islamabad. The Study was launched at the Regional Dialogue on “the Role of Parliaments in Cementing Regional Integration: Exploring the Corridors of Shared Prosperity through CPEC for Pakistan and the Region” on Dec 18, 2019. Dr. Akhtar presented this study to the Honorable Speaker National Assembly,…

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CSSPR-CASS Conference Report on Balakot Strikes

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The United States-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue is a platform to manage the relationship at various levels. Notwithstanding mutual interests, there is deep-rooted suspicion and distrust of each other’s motives and intentions that has given rise to heightened expectations on both sides. While Nawaz Sharif’s government would like to prioritize expanding trade and investment cooperation between the two countries, other U.S. concerns…

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Pakistan Needs a Nuclear Future, Not a Nuclear Deal

There are three main reasons why Pakistan wants a civil nuclear deal with the United States. First, Pakistan believes that the strategic dynamics in the region are heavily tipped in favor of India — post Indo-U.S. nuclear deal. The agreement, which U.S. lawmakers passed in 2008, removes nuclear sanctions on India and allows the United States to share nuclear technology…

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Deterrence by Design: Sino-Pak Strategic Cooperation in Gwadar

F.S. Aijazuddin in his excellent book on Pakistan’s role in 1971 U.S.- Chinese rapprochement wrote that “Pakistanis love China for what it can do for them, while China loves Pakistanis despite what they do to themselves.” These lines have stood the test of time. In 1965 during the Indo-Pak war, Pakistan sought Chinese assistance and was advised by the Chinese…

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