Research Fellows

Haruka Isono
Scholar in Residence
  • FieldGlobal and Inter-Cultural Studies
  • DegreesBachelor of Arts (Ferris University in Kanagawa, Japan)
  • Bio Haruka Isono holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (2012-2017) in ‘Global and Inter-Cultural Studies’ from Ferris University in Kanagawa, Japan. She received ‘Ferries University Award’ for being one of the brightest students of Ferries graduates of 2017. Her dissertation/thesis, titled “Japan’s Export of Nuclear Technology and the Prospects of Sustainable Energy in the Context of Asian Security Environment” has been declared one of the best theses by the Ferries University. In her research, Haruka has critically examined why Japan continues to rely on, and expand nuclear technology even though it has suffered one of the worst nuclear disasters in the history. In this regard, Haruka’s thesis makes a significant contribution to the existing body of literature on Japan’s nuclear technology export policy, its link with Japan’s economic, political and strategic interests and considerations. Examining the future implications of Japan’s nuclear technology export policy, Haruka’s research offers a number of policy guidelines/recommendations for Japanese policy makers and strategists. In 2012, Haruka volunteered for the ‘Summer School Program’ organised by the Ferries University to understand and determine the ‘mental and physical’ health of children effected by Fukushima disaster of 2011. In 2014, Haruka travelled to the Philippines to explore the energy situation in order to find future prospects of renewable/sustainable energy in less-developed countries like Philippines. Moreover she examined the effects of ‘geothermal plants’, on the physical health/condition of the local residence. From 2015 to 2016, Haruka undertook full-time study program in the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), the University of Leeds, England, under ‘Politics Junior Year Abroad Programme’. She studied courses in ‘International Politics’, ‘The Politics of Aid’, ‘Introduction to Environmental Sciences’, and ‘Transport, Energy and Environment’. Haruka’s area of interests include Japan’s Nuclear Energy Policy, the nuclear politics of East Asia. Currently, she is working on a research article “Japan’s nuclear energy policy and Fukushima disaster: Lessons for Pakistan.”
Hamza bin Jehangir
Visiting Research Fellow
  • Degrees PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Bio Hamza bin Jehangir is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His doctoral project explores the relationship between political subjectivity and discursive constructions of democracy in the Lawyers’ movement (2007-2009) in Pakistan. Hamza’s research interests include comparative political theory, non-western political thought and methodological debates in political theory. Before commencing his PhD, Hamza worked as a Research Associate (2012-2014) at Texas A&M University at Qatar, on a multi-institutional research project titled, “Professional Ethics in an Inter-civilizational Perspective: Towards a Joint East-West Approach”